A gamurra is the layer worn over the camicia and were suitable for very informal situations such as wearing around your own home when you weren’t receiving visitors.

Gamurre were very tightly fitted and laced up the front. Occasionally you see side lacing which would be very beneficial for pregnancy. Sleeves could be sewn on or attached with pins or lacing ties.

Read about how I cut and sew my gamurre skirts here.

My blue gamurra was the first I made



I based my brown gamurra on this portrait of Ginevra de’ Benci by Leonardo da Vinci

cDSCN4170 cDSCN4177

The skirt panels on this dress are rectangles and it is double box pleated.


My yellow gamurra has a slightly lower neckline and higher waist and was inspired by some of the Venetian styles. You can read about the construction here.

1470 The Meeting of Jephthah and his Daughter BENVENUTO DI GIOVANNI


My fabric was a very pale pink so I dyed it in the bath with some fibre reactive dyes. It turned out a beautiful yellow.


The finished dress.

My orange gamurra has been nicknamed the jaffa dress as it is lined in brown linen. If you’re not familiar with it, a jaffa is a lolly that has a chocolate centre and is coated in an orange candy coating. You can read about the construction of the jaffa dress here.


This has a higher neck and a lower waistline than my yellow gamurra.

My red gamurra is made out of a beautiful, light-weight wool.

You can read about its construction here.

Red Wool Gamurra from Cathelina's Wardrobe

Red Wool Gamurra from Cathelina’s Wardrobe

Picture 02


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