Welcome to my little spot on the web for my 15th century persona, Cathelina di Alessandri.


For those of you who have visited me recently at the Abbey Medieval Festival, hello again! You will find additional information about the crafts I demonstrated (and some I didn’t demonstrate) by following the links to the left.

To those who have stumbled upon this page via other means, welcome! I am a living historian in Queensland, Australia and I, along with a  group of fellow history lovers, attempt to bring the 15th century to life here in the 21st century.

My main interest within living history are textiles. I’m the one you see reproducing period hand-stiches, braiding 16 strand braids out of silk to make ties for my clothing and spinning with a handspindle and distaff.

For those interested in Spinning be sure to visit my 15th Century Spinning blog  or my facebook page 15th Century Spinning

For Those interested in dress and sewing be sure to visit my 15th Century Sewing blog or my  facebook page 15th Century Sewing

Click here to read about my experiments in modern spinning at my 21st century spinning blog

Looking to buy reenactment and crafting supplies? Why not take a look at Make Your Own Medieval

Yellow Giornea from Cathelina’s wardrobe based on the paintings of Giovanna Tornabuoni.


3 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Beautiful clothes and a very interesting blog. My AlterEgo Catalina de Zaragoza, born 1430, is looking Forward to new thingies. Greetings from the SCA in Germany, Petra

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